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Our Love Story

CHAPTER 1 - Love at First Sight

      It all started on a cold January night in 2014. After a night of go-carting and being at the bars in Hoboken, Andrew and his friends were craving pizza. His one friend led him in the wrong direction for 20 minutes until Andrew said, "Forget this, let's go to this pizzeria next to Teak." The reason this is so important is that it was a blessing in disguise that they went the wrong way. It was destiny for Andrew to go to Rome Pizza at that very particular time, on that very particular night of January 18th. Hungry and leading the way, Andrew entered the pizzeria and it wasn't the smell of fresh dough that caught his attention, but the big, beautiful, brown eyes of a girl sitting at a table. At that moment, nothing else mattered. Andrew had to talk to her. He walked up to her, turned his hat backwards, and knelt beside the brown eyed girl. She looked back at him and returned the same look of intrigue that he had given her. "Hi, sorry but I just have to talk to you," Andrew said. The brown eyed girl introduced herself and from that moment Kimberly and Andrew chatted back and forth. They talked about all different things for over 30 minutes, Andrew still kneeling beside Kimberly.

    Andrew's friends kept urging him to leave so they could head home, but he needed to make sure he had a way of getting in touch with Kimberly again. The way she made him feel was like nothing he had ever felt before. The way he made her feel was like what she recalls "just like a movie." These two knew something different was happening to the both of them that neither of them experienced before. Andrew describes his next move very strategically, "I wasn't going to let her sneak away." Andrew got Kimberly's number and before leaving, called her right then and there to make sure the phone and the girl was real. The smiles that were exchanged were priceless. Both Andrew and Kimberly knew they just met the love of their lives. Before Andrew fell asleep that night he texted Kimberly to make sure she got home okay. No answer.  He went to sleep thinking about her all night and when he woke up, there it was... "Hey, sorry... I fell asleep last night but I got home safe, thank you!" They talked the next day and set up a date for that Tuesday.


     Well... a snowstorm hit New Jersey and New York hard that Tuesday... people were urged to stay off the roads as conditions were very dangerous. Nothing was stopping Kimberly and Andrew. She stayed at work that day instead of commuting home because she knew they had a date planned. Conditions got worse... but Andrew said, "I will pick you up from the train instead so you don't have to drive anywhere." There he was, a prince in shining armor, the love of her life, her soul mate. No one was out and all the restaurants had closed. Andrew refused to just take her home. He found a sushi restaurant that was still open and together they talked and laughed for hours. As the night was coming to an end, Andrew drove Kimberly home. She thanked Andrew for an amazing night and reach for the door. He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him. "You can't leave like that," He said. Andrew grabbed the side of Kimberly's face and kissed her the most passionate kiss she could have ever imagined. They fell deeply in love at first sight. From the moment they locked eyes, they both knew they found The One!